How to pack properly for your first backpacking trip

tips for backpacking
Image Source : Cyclicx

All Day Story – Before starting your backpacking journey its essential to be well-prepared with all of the equipments that we are going to need along the journey. However, sometimes we faces a problem that we don’t enough space in our backpack or we don’t put all of the stuff in the right order and forgetting all of the essentials stuff that we can’t go without it.

Especially, for the first-time backpackers, there are some crucial tips on how you could pack all of your stuff into your backpack, so it could be fit properly. Therefore, here we would give you some clues on how to pack properly for your first backpacking trip,

As we going to explain step by step below:

Bottom section of bag

First of all, from the bottom section you have to put the big bulky items that won’t need to get it out of your bag until you reach your camp, such as: Sleeping bag, Sleeping pad, Any layers, like long underwear or anything that you will essentially need to make you comfy when you reach your camp. Lastly the Camp shoes, as it’s one of the heaviest stuff that you will carrying throughout your backpacking trip.

Core of Pack items

This includes all of the heavy gears that you don’t need through passing your hiking journey, makes sure you placed all of this heavy stuff in your lower level of your bag instead of putting it too high as it would makes a pack feel tippy, the stuff its might be: food stash entrees, Stove, Cook kit, Water reservoir (its optional).

Top section of bag

in this section you necessarily have to put all of the bulky stuff that you might needs while your hiking and its the most important for your safety on emergency situation. The stuff its consist would be: Insulated jacket, Rain jacket, Water filter, First-aid kit and don’t forget your toilet supplies.

Pockets section of bag

in this part of bag you have to put the important small things that will be very helpful along your journey. Therefore, it could be easier to reach as its placed just in the pocket beside your bag pocket, it might be: map, compass, sunglasses, bug spray, snacks, water bottles, ID and cash stash.
Finally, you just you need to make sure to buckle up and make your usual fit adjustment with your bag pack, then you good to go.


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