5 things to know before buying a land

buying Property

in order for buying land in Bali, you consider about several important factors as buying land is not a small deals, you have to spent lots of money in order to buy a land.

Therefore, its very important for you from knowing what are the rules and advantages of that particular land that you are going to buy about. Also, is it worth to invest property? Let’s discover it:

10 essential things that you need to know before buying a land

1. Location of the property

The location of a property is a priority in terms of buying a land, therefore, you have to make sure what are your preferences and tell your real estates agents to help you out to find out a land as you expected wether its in the central of the city or peaceful very quiet areas. Therefore, you could decide through on what the real estate agents offers depending on your preferences of location and budget.

2. Is it possible to build on that particular land

You have to make sure that the land is suits you in terms of building your house or any other building that you are always dreaming about. Moreover there are the two vital issues that you need to look into such as Topography and soil conditions. In fact, the cost of the construction and the concrete footing size is affected by the poor soils.

3. is it developed/undeveloped areas?

its essential part to look into the land that you are potentially to buy about, as there are two types of land such as: developed and undeveloped land. Therefore, look at the surroundings if its developed areas it has the utilities brought to the site and roads build. Whereas, if its undeveloped areas you have to get your own from all of the utilities and build the roads into your land that you are going to buy.

4. Zoning

Look at your surroundings and ask your professional real estate agents specifically on whats are the plans in order of building the property on that particular land, as the environmental factors could restrict on your land and for some reason it might increase or decrease the values of your property in the future.

5. Permission

You have to know before buying the land on what types of permits will be needed on that particular location, some location might be strict and comprehensive. Moreover, some jurisdictions only have very limited numbers of requirements in order to get permitting.

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