how often you should clean your villa

Cleanliness villa

All Day Story – When it comes into cleaning property its very important to clean it up regularly to avoid any distraction from any bacterias that would makes you sick. Therefore, cleanliness of a property is very essential, especially villa.

Here we would discuss on how often you should clean your villa in purpose of to be hygienic and avoid all of the disadvantages that might occur through all of the bacterias that might existed when you are not clean our villa oftenly.

Things in Villa Should Be Taken Care Of:

Bed linens

First of all, lets start from the bedroom’s, surprisingly the bed linens just need to be cleaned every one or two weeks, as according to some scientist, your bed linen is not as dirty as we might think. However, if you are not taking shower oftenly after works or any other outdoor activities, you should wash your bed linens every one week in hot water. Also, the sleeping routine will also has an impact on how often you should wash.


the ideal length of times to wash a pillow is every 3 months as the pillowcase protectors would help to shield it from all of the dust and bacterias. Moreover, if you have any allergic then you should wash it more often. In fact, the pillow itself essentially replaced every six month.


the frequency to wash mattress is every two months, however, you need to some special treatment through vacuum it then spray the mattress with lysol in order to kill the bacteria. as the mattress is the most often you used while in the villa.


the toilet is always being the dirtiest area in every villa or house as most of the times is used by many people. Therefore, clean your bath as often as your toilet, as this is the places where lots of bacterias existed, its ideally cleaned at least once a week.

Kitchen Countertop

if you are regularly cooking at your villa, its essentially to clean it up everyday, as the most dirtiest areas is near the sink areas, as most of the people like to use the same sponges that already contaminated with foods for long period of times.


you should vacuuming your carpet regularly, however, vacuuming carpet doesn’t mean as you cleaning the carpet it just counted as cleaning whats drop into it. Furthermore, you need to steam your floors as well, as the indoor air quality its 10 times worse compare to the outdoor air.


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