How To Prepare Dive Trips In Bali?

dive trips

Dive trips to Bali? Why not? Bali is known as the heaven on earth. For divers, Bali is a haven of beauty beneath the sea. You can imagine how beautiful underwater Bali because of the fact that this island is recognized the world’s best travel destination Trip advisor and the island’s best location the world’s best honeymoon reader version Conde Nast Traveler. Visiting Bali, you will be presented unforgettable moments and you will come back again for a visit. It is a fact that happens that tourists who come to Bali will come back for another vacation. Especially for those of you who want to visit Bali to explore diving spots in Bali, better plan the spot you want to visit.

Looking for Diving Trusted Agency

Dozens of dive agencies offer their best deals and low prices for your dive trips while in Bali, but not all agencies provide professional dive instructors or guides. Mistakes in choosing a companion or dive instructor can be fatal to you. Why? Because every dive spot has different levels of difficulty, ranging from underwater currents to other underwater conditions. To make it easier to get a trusted dive agency, try to find reviews via the internet or visit the relevant agency website.

Diving License

Want to do dive trips in Bali? Do you have dive certification? Prepare your scuba license to explore the best spots in Bali. For advanced diving certification, you can enjoy the underwater beauty of Bali with a depth of 30 meters. Visiting Bali and planning to take certification for diving in Bali? This is a perfect idea because you will be taken to see the Bali underwater. Some scuba diving Bali packages are commonly offered by several agencies, such as entry level courses for beginners with a minimum age of 12 years. The next stage if you want to improve your diving skills, you can continue to advanced level of open water, which training is done for 2-3 days and you can get scuba certification.

Don’t Do Dive Before and After Flight in 48 hours

Prepare your dive trip planning before arriving in Bali. Note that you should not dive after and before the flight within 48 hours. Why? When on land, the air you breathe is nitrogen and oxygen. When you dive, you need more air because of the increased air pressure. To prevent decompression disease, divers may not make the flight within 24 hours. Handling what you need to do when decompression is about to do hyperbaric therapy in the hospital because it can lead to paralysis and even death.

Image Source: trip.experienceandamans


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