The Best Filler as Bean Bag Beans

bean bag beans

Have you found that your bean bag has lost a lot of its beads and has become a little bit flat? Are you looking for filler beans to build a beanbag of your own? What is the best filler as your bean bag beans? Bean bags are ergonomic furniture that brings so much excitement. Colorful covers and unique designs are simply seen on the outside. But it needs more than those appearances to build a bean bag. You might never think of what exactly the bean bag filler is.

Bean bag filling beads come from many varieties. The quality of your particular product depends on the best filler you decide to take for your beanbag. Understanding all of the beads types allows you to have a better idea on which filler is best for your needs.

Natural Fillers

A longer time than industrial time comes, bean bags were commonly filled with dried natural beans, such as corn, grain, or rice. Recently, these natural fillers are back drawing the attention of the beanbag user for its natural value.

Compressed Foam

This type of filler is also known as memory foam; a type of polyurethane which has been produced with a special process to increase density and viscosity. Since this bean bag beans are in irregular shapes, some people dislike their texture when used as fillers.

EPS & EPP Beads

EPS is perfect for most bean bags furniture for its lightweight yet rigid character. The EPS beads used for bean bag filler are 3 mm to 5 mm in diameter, and they are resistant to moisture and heat. In Asia, Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is more popular. This another thermoplastic polymer actually has several benefits over EPS beads and other fillers. EPP foam is known for its strength and durability.


This type of filler was once used as bean bags beans as well as pillows fillers. Yet, microbeads are not appropriate for large size bean bags and other furniture. Microbeads are tiny beads made from a plastic known as polyethylene.


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