What To Prepare To Diving In Bali

diving in bali

Diving provides an unforgettable experience and becomes an opiate for most divers. Although categorized as an extreme and dangerous sport, diving has appealed to most people. Seeing the beauty of the underwater with a variety of unique rare species that you can not find on the mainland is a major factor why many people love sports diving. Bali is one of the favorite destinations for beginner or professional divers. Bali’s underwater nature is popular all over the world. Many tourists deliberately visit Bali just to enjoy it. What should you prepare for diving in Bali?

Find The Trusted Diving Operator

Diving, especially for beginners, are required to have diving certification. Having a dive certification means that you know all the basics about diving skills and can dive up to a certain depth, tailored to the certification you have. Finding dive operators is very easy as there are many offers of diving programs and packages in Bali with varying prices. Getting a trusted dive package is important because it concerns your safety while diving. Make sure that you are guided by professional divers who can calm you down when something happens while diving.

Diving Certification

Before diving in Bali, make sure that you have a dive certification. Most diving areas in Bali require a diver to be certified because of the uncertain weather in Bali. The ocean currents can come at any time so that a companion will remind you not to drift. Most of the diver’s missing or dead cases are not accompanied by professional divers and do not know the ins and outs of the spot dive they are coming to. Having a certification does not mean you are diving with unlimited depth because there must follow the rules set at each stage of the diving certificate. For the initial diver, after getting certified, the maximum depth is 7-12 meters. For deeper diving, you will need to upgrade your certification and follow advanced training.

Decompression Sickness

Decompression is a condition for divers to avoid. Decompression symptoms are divided into 2 types namely, pain only relatively mild and only cause pain in the joints, headache or itchy skin. The second type includes paralysis, loss of consciousness, numbness and even death. Factors that cause decompression such as, consume alcohol, fatigue, obesity, or age. Every disease is certain there is a countermeasure. For that, before you diving in Bali, make sure you have time to rest 12-24 hours before and after the flight, then you do the diving. Discipline and obedience to the rules set by the dive operator are the keys to your safety while diving.

Image Source: OkDiversBali


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