What To Do To Get Scuba Certification?

scuba diving certification

What is scuba certification? Many people question what is a certification for diving? How to get it? What steps should be taken to have certification? Many questions come for those who want to do extreme and fun sports on this one, but the limited information becomes one of the obstacles. One more thing that makes a lot of people fail to pursue diving exercise is because the information obtained that requires a lot of budgets to be able to dive. In fact, scuba diving certification is very easy to obtain, as long as it meets all the requirements and steps according to the procedure.

Dive training is one of the procedures that must be followed to get scuba certification with the initial level of entry level courses. This early stage is done 2-3 days by studying 3 chapters on diving theory, 3 modules practice the skill in confined water, and do 2 dives in open water (ocean) with a maximum depth of 12 meters. For those of you who want to get a beginner diving education, you can visit the website online and this is the right time while you take a vacation trip to Bali. Some other requirements that you must meet are a minimum age of 13 years for a junior scuba diver, 15 years for scuba diver and physical health training.

How to find a trusted dive operator? Especially in Bali, there are many dive operators that offer scuba diving license programs so you will not have any trouble. But please note not to be tempted to offer a program with a cheap price, it’s good when looking for a trusted operator with PADI certification program because you will be accompanied by professional guides in their field and have a qualified dive experience. Why be accompanied by professional divers? When you first do practice in open water, there will be many challenges, especially from within, that is to overcome fear. Excessive fear of diving results in something fatal. A professional escort knows exactly how to deal with underwater problems for beginners.

The most important thing is how you can get a reliable scuba diving certification program with an experienced dive operator, to ensure your security is secure and able to control the spot area. After that, you can do the training for beginners until you are declared eligible to get certification, For advanced stages, it becomes a novice diver consideration, whether by diving with a depth of 12 meters is quite satisfactory or you want to explore underwater with more amazing beauty.

Image Source: Atlantis Bali Diving


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