Remarkable Spots Diving Indonesia To Explore The Unexplored


Diving Indonesia Bali
Photo by Atlantis Bali Diving


If looking for the best diving spots, Indonesia is the place. You can find Indonesian spot diving in any corner, from Sabang to Marauke. Various spots are often used as a favorite place for divers, not only domestic divers but also from abroad. Each spot diving offers a different experience and is able to spoil the eyes of divers. Exploring the diving spots will not be endless, especially with the natural wealth of Indonesia that is surrounded by the ocean. 

Banda Island, Maluku – A Piece of Heaven In eastern Indonesia

Banda Island offers diving spots that will not run out of your life. There are about 25 diving spots with stunning underwater scenery and each has its own level of difficulty that can be a challenge for divers. Feel the thrill of diving among the volcanoes, you can experience on the island of Banda, or explore the spot with a perfect coral wall full of caves and habitat from a harbor fish.

Pulau Sangihe, Sumatra – Volcano Attraction

Diving on Sangihe Island requires expertise in diving, or at least you have a diving master certificate. Feel the dive around the volcano with temperatures reaching 37 – 38 degrees. Spot diving Indonesia this one has its own challenges because you must avoid air bubbles that come out of the rocks and do not touch the air bubbles because it can cause your hands to blister.

Bali & Nusa Penida – Heaven on Earth

Spot Diving Indonesia this one is no doubt its popularity. Even Bali is a top destination for divers of the world as it offers spectacular views and diving experiences. You can see some spot diving Indonesia Bali shipwreck of Japan or US Liberty which is from the remains of World War II. In Nusa Penida, you can see the beauty of the underwater biota that sees the fish Mola-Mola and Parimata.

Bunaken, Sulawesi – World’s Most Beautiful Marine Park

The beauty of Bunaken is able to make you stop breathing for a moment and realize how beautiful underwater charm spot diving Indonesia. You will be amazed while diving to a depth of 25 – 30 meters. Species that you can see such as bannerfish, surgeonfish, and unicornfish. At a depth of 23 meters, you will be taken to see the wreckage of a German merchant ship that sank in 1942 and is now home to fish.


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