Perfect Dive Sites Worldwide To Explore


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Photo by Atlantis Bali Diving


Did you know that the world’s diving spots offer sublime underwater charm with varied underwater challenges? For divers professionals, the more difficult the underwater terrain will be explored the more challenging it will be for them. Some spots can also be for beginner divers with a depth of 8-30 meters, like some dive spots in Bali. Possible if you will be diving zero interest be increased or may become addictive.

USAT Liberty Ship Wreck Mysteries of WWII

Dive sites Bali offers different charms and beauty, unique and mysterious to the eggs. The wreck of USAT Liberty ship that sank in 1916 due to Japanese torpedo attack, became the main destination of domestic and foreign divers located in Tulamben.

Not only do you witness the wrecks that have been home to underwater species and coral reefs, but also enjoy the beauty and splendor of Mount Agung. In 1963 the shipwreck was shifted to the middle of the beach due to the eruption of Mount Agung.

The Gorgeous Cenotes in Mexico

The Yucatan peninsula is one of the areas that have been found 7000 cenotes. This secret cave is formed when limestone caves enter and leave a hole in the earth that leads to a turquoise puddle and looks very beautiful. Dos Ojos is one of the best cenotes with a depth of 350feet with 2 places of interest ie Blue Eye and Black Eye.

Cat Island, Bahama – Diving with extreme challenges

Cat Island, the Bahamas is one spot dive sites with calm waters and untouched become an attraction for divers. The world’s ordinary divers are visiting the island to see from with the cowboy shark, which is where the cat island is home to sharks. Tiger sharks, reef sharks, lemon sharks or nurse sharks can be found on the island cat.

Underwater Volcanos, Challenge your adrenaline

Dive sites Indonesia always attract the attention of divers from all over the world. The underwater volcanic scenery in Indonesia provides a challenge for you diving professionals with sea water temperature ranging from 37 to 28 degrees Celsius. The rocks that emit bubbles around the undersea volcano will be very dangerous if touched because it can make your hands blister. Mahengetang Island in the Sangihe archipelago is one of the most extreme adventures you can take in any of Indonesia’s diving spots.


Exploring Amazing Scuba Dive Sites Bali


Dive Sites Bali
Photo by Atlantis Bali Diving


Bali has many dive sites with beauty, species diversity and level of difficulty. The arrival of foreign tourists or domestic tourists, whether just want a vacation, surfing or diving the higher and Bali is also known even entered in the top 10 tourist attractions that must be visited.

It should be noted that not all diving spots in Bali can be explored if you do not have a dive certificate. For that, it is better if you take the training program first, know well how the safe and safe diving procedures, and the use of the right diving tools. Most beginners ignore some important things during training so it is possible to crash while diving due to early dive syndrome.

Before you go on holiday in Bali, it’s good if you look for information as much as possible, where the best dive for you who have a diving certificate or for beginners. Finding the best and trusted dive operators is the right way and time saver considering using public transportation in Bali is not the right choice. If you want to explore Bali’s dive sites yourself, you should be ready to rent a car with driver, as well as prepare all necessary information.

As a guide, you can use Dune Atlantis as one of the trusted and reliable diving operators. Some dive packages with or without training are prepared for you, tailoring your needs. Starting from the entry level package to the master dive is available for local or foreign tourists.

Some popular dive sites in Bali are favorites for local and foreign divers such as Tulamben, Menjangan Island, Nusa Penida, Gili, Amed and Pemuteran. You can see the mystery of the coral wreck of USAT Liberty and the Japanese shipwreck that is currently home to underwater species.

Dive Sites Bali offers a stunning and stunning underwater treasure with a range of coral and rare types of underwater species such as Mola-mola, Pari Manta, and more. Each diving spot in Bali has its own level of difficulty so you need to use a reliable and professional dive guide or dive operator for dive safety.

What To Prepare To Scuba Diving Indonesia in Raja Ampat and Bali


Diving Indonesia
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Indonesia is popular with many diving spots with a variety of rare and beautiful species ranging from Aceh, Bali, Papua, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and others. Diving can be said to be an extreme sports type but popular and much in demand. In fact many of the travelers who are currently learning to dive and hunt for diving spots in various countries, not least Indonesia.

Diving Indonesia packages can be easily obtained from diving offers, either trusted or naughty operators. Given that not all underwater waters of Indonesia have the same conditions, then a professional and reliable professional instructor dive is a must. Functions> Prevent unwanted things like dragged in the flow because not a few events diver who dragged in and lost or dies because one has rogue operators and tempted cheap prices.

Lovers diving both from Indonesia and foreign tourists getting smarter looking for scuba diving spot Indonesia. 2 spot diving Indonesia even the best spot of the world beat other diving spots from other countries such as Raja Ampat and Komodo Island. Bali is also one of the favorite tourist spots for diving, either beginners or professionals to see manta rays, sunfish and the mystery of Japanese shipwreck and USAT Liberty.

One of Bali’s trusted operators with experienced PADI certified instructors is Dune Atlantis. Dune Atlantis offers you sailing on the best ships of 40 m long made in Sulawesi with 9 double or twin cabins and ready to take you to the best diving spots in Indonesia.

Dune Atlantis offers sailing and scuba diving Indonesia packages to Raja Ampat or North Maluku for 9-12 days and you can choose according to the time you have with special facilities and prices. Finding the best and trusted provider is something you should be prepared so you are not fooled by naughty and irresponsible operators. Or you can enjoy diving Indonesia Bali with attractive packages that they offer for 8-12 days or you can customize your schedule and diving spot as you wish. Diving Indonesia is never boring and always interesting to explore, opening up the beauty and mystery of underwater nature that is not offered in other sports activities.

All About Scuba Diving in Bali


scuba diving in Bali
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Want to try different sensations in Bali? Scuba diving in Bali has become an icon and popular throughout the world. If you are planning a vacation to Bali, it would be nice if you do not miss this extreme sport. If you have never dived at all, you need to know what to prepare before arriving in Bali.

Browse the Internet and Search for a Trusted Diving Agent

If you surf the internet, many offers from dive operators with scuba diving Bali packages or even dive training packages to get a dive certification card. Starting from beginner level to training to become an instructor. If you just dive to enjoy the beauty of the underwater you can take advanced training with a diving depth of 30 meters.

But, it should be noted that many other underwater world outside scuba diving in Bali such as Alor, Bunaken, Raja Ampat and many more Indonesian diving spots that require you to have a certificate above advanced. Why? Unpredictable sea currents can endanger inexperienced divers. When you find one of the trusted divers agents like Atlantis Bali Diving, it’s good to ask everything clearly from picking up, delivering, how long the training is, where to spot, or the price of the dive training.

Diving 48 Hours Before and After Flight

Ever heard of decompression? This is a much feared disease and should be known to divers. What needs to be done is the diver must rise slowly to the surface because if you rise too fast and nitrogen detached from the network it will form a bubble in the body and cause decompression. Some symptoms of tingling decompression, fatigue, numbness, dizziness, headache, grief, unconsciousness, and the most severe is death. For that avoid dive for 48 hours before or after the flight.

Explore The Undersea of Bali

After doing the training you can directly practice it and dive. Ensure that all training is provided from theory to diving practice. Learn all that is given so there is not the slightest mistake while diving and something goes wrong. Explore the scuba diving spot in Bali, revealing all the underwater world that no other can do.

Best Spots Diving Indonesia In Asia


Diving Indonesia_
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Some of the spots diving Indonesia to be the best in Asia and something to be proud of you Indonesian people. Foreign tourists flock to dive spots in Indonesia. How about you? If you have interest and are interested in diving this is a good opportunity. You do not have to spend as much money as foreign tourists who have to pay more just to spoil the eye through Indonesia’s amazing underwater.

Indonesia has been popular among world travelers as the best snorkeling, surfing and diving spots. In fact, not a few foreigners who decided to live the coast with beautiful diving spots like Bali. If you visit Bali, this island is like an island full of foreign tourists bringing surfboard in the morning or afternoon waiting for the best waves for surfing. Or the many scuba diving packages on the internet. Other best Indonesian dive spots to explore.

Derawan, A Beautiful and Seductive Dive Destination

Derawan is the best second diving spot after Raja Ampat is a warm tropical paradise, soft white sand and a sea that changes color from green to blue. Rare species that you can find here are rare green turtle turtles and hawksbill turtles. 870 species of fish such as manta rays to stunted seahorses you can meet while diving. One of the diving spots is your Kakaban can find the largest unique giant jellyfish and this is what makes Kakaban as UNESCO world heritage.

Komodo Island

If you want to experience diving in boiling water, Komodo Island is the place. The current on the island of Komodo can be said to have a strong current but too beautiful to miss the divers. But you need to note that it is best to dive in Komodo Island is required experience or at least have an advanced certificate or dive master.

Tulamben, Bali

Tulamben is one of spot diving Indonesia Bali that can boost your adrenaline because of the wandering of many white fins. World Wave II shipwreck with the name USAT Liberty is a special attraction for divers who want to see from near the ship relics of a war that is currently a residential species under the sea.

Amazing Spot To Do Scuba Diving in Bali and Meet The Mola-Mola


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Each diver has their favorite spots, such as in Bali where one of the popular and favorite spots is when you can see the fish of mola that is estimated to have a length of 3.5 meters with a weight of 1000 kg. You can imagine how when they are right in front of your eyes. This is your holiday experience in Bali that you will never forget. Some tourists usually come to Bali not just on holiday to enjoy the atmosphere but there is something they are looking for like surfing or diving. Scuba diving in Bali is becoming a world phenomenon because of the many spot diving with each of the different conditions and challenging to explore.

For divers, Bali offers an underwater paradise that is not owned elsewhere. No wonder the world’s divers do not get bored to visit various spots in Bali and even made the object of world photographer who captures under the sea of Bali with a touch of exciting and horrendous photographer world. Some diving spots in Bali are visited by many divers such as Menjangan Island, Nusa Dua, Tulamben, Sanur Beach, and Amed. Each has a unique and stunning underwater beauty.

Scuba diving in Sanur is suitable for beginner divers because of the calm sea water conditions and shallow distance. While for beginners the maximum depth is only 8 meters. If you are not satisfied, you can increase your diving skill level and can explore other diving spots in Bali such as Tulamben. Tulamben is a dive spot that has become the documentation of an American photographer who scandalized the dive world. And interestingly, Tulamben can be your choice to do pre-wedding photos.

Scuba diving Bali packages can be your consideration while on vacation in Bali. It provides many advantages for divers without having to bother to dive sites. Some scuba diving operators in Bali have made the right schedule so you can easily follow the dive training. If you are planning Bali scuba diving courses with an advanced level then you can visit the dive spots in Nusa Dua and enjoy the stunning ocean tourism paradise and see the mola-mola directly.

3 PADI Scuba Diver Skills Should Learn


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Padi scuba diver is the best way for you to dive and get PADI certification with a short time. If you want to find out if you have an interest in diving, you can take a dive course for the junior. Scuba diver beginners have the requirements to dive under the supervision of professional diver instructors with a maximum depth of 12 meters. To start the dive training you must be at least 10 years of age or older, able to swim and physically fit.

Diving obviously has its own pleasure especially for professional divers who always explore every spot diving the world. Diving is both fun and dangerous. Why? Given the diversity of these diving activities in the sea with a certain depth, then all must be prepared properly without the slightest mistake to avoid undesirable things when diving. That must be prepared before doing such scuba diving, precise checking of diving tools, ensuring the tube is filled with oxygen, use a comfortable and appropriate suit for your size, and know well what skills you should use while diving. PADI scuba diver skill you need to learn well during training:

Swimming Skills

Maybe you never imagined what it would be like to swim in the middle of the ocean. If you expect to swim in the middle of the sea as easy as swimming in the pool, you are wrong. To be a diver you must have good diving skills to help you swim to reach the boat when you are diving.

Masks Skills

Seeing clearly while diving is the main thing. When your equipment is not properly maintained, many bad possibilities can occur while diving. When diving there will be water likelihood seep into the mask so it can disrupt the view. Dive at a certain depth so that it does not allow you to return to the surface to clean it. PADI Scuba diver training gives many things you do not know, such as how to clean water that seeps into the mask when you dive. This is a skill that you must learn as long as you still want to dive as a hobby.

Equipment Handling Skills

Examination of core equipment before diving is the main thing to note to improve safety. Failure of equipment while diving is inevitable due to lack of care in caring. For that, you can get skill when doing scuba diver training so you can do troubleshooting related to diving equipment. The higher you reach PADI Scuba diver levels, the deeper the skill you can learn about handling dive equipment.