Lazy Bro Bean Bag Chairs, The Easy Lifestyle


bean bag chairs_
Photo by Soo Santai


Have you ever been bored with your daily routine? Do not have the idea of spending time during the weekend or during the holidays? Enjoying a weekend or a long holiday does not have to always go out of town or to the sights. Bean bag chairs are one of the media to relax the mind and fatigue. They are designed and made to have a soft surface, with the best materials such as Polyester 1680D with PVC coating. Lightweight, heat and water resistant, and easy to maintain. You can take one of the markets as it is available in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Maybe you do not realize how comfortable and enjoyable to sit while enjoying the weekend with a glass of lemon ice or reading a book. Lazy bro one of the luxury bean bag that is sold in the market with 3 bright colors, light lime, lime, and pink, suitable to be placed in your private pool.

Bean bag chairs are not only stylish for your living room, sitting room or lounge room, but also perfect for swimming pools. Having comfortable chairs at home will be great! You do not need to look for comfort outside the home. When you plan a garden or a party swim in the pool, moving and arranging it does not take long.

Most of us collect home furnishings as we desire and desire but in fact, do not provide comfort so that only left untouched as decoration. It’s a waste of money! Why not choose bean bag chairs? This is a simple chair type, lifestyle, trend and suitable to be placed outdoor or indoor. For the family room, you can look for bean bag couch with the bigger size. Bean bag can be a brilliant idea if you want to do home improvement. Make the room as comfortable as possible, relax and easy lifestyle. Lazy bro bean bag chairs present fill your time to relax and enjoy your day off. Make sure that the lazy bro product you purchased is certified by the original distributor to be easily fixed in case of damage due to your mistake.


Les Villas Bali Les Plus Moins Chères en 2017

Villa Bali
Villa Bali

Quand on voyage à Bali et a besoin de villa pour rester, c’est facile de trouver une villa Bali à louer, surtout à Seminyak. Même si c’est facile de trouver une villa Bali à Seminyak, on saurait bien que le prix de location villa à Kuta sera plus élevé que celui à Denpasar, ou des autres localisation, car Kuta est une ville de Bali qui est toujours surpeuplé.

Le prix de la location villa est l’ une des choses important à réfléchir pendant on organise des vacances à Bali, car dans cette île, tous les prix sont élevés. On doit être capable de sauver quelque argents pour faire entourer l’ île Bali.

En parlant sur les villas Bali, en général, la majorité de villas offrent des facilités luxueuses, qui est certainement très chère. Mais, ne vous inquiétez pas, car il y en a aussi celle qui est moins chère. Si on est détaillé bien de chercher une villa Bali, on gagnera celle qui est moins chère.

Ainsi pour vous aider de donner une référence sur la villa de haute qualité qui est à la fois moins chère, je vous donne la liste des villas suivante:

1. Delu Villas and Suites

La villa est situé au centre ville, à Jl. Tangkuban Perahu No. 3 Kerobokan, Seminyak. Les facilités de cette villa est assez complète, alors, on aura des bonnes séjours si on y reste. Cette villa coûtera Rp 283,999.00/ nuit!

2. Villa Victoria

Une villa qui offre la facilité comme celle de l’ hôtel de 4 étoiles. Se situe à Jl.Kuwum II, Gg. Rajawali, Kerobokan, Seminyak. Le prix est un peu pareil comme celui à Delu Villas and Suites: Rp 289,256.00/ nuit.

3. Grand Avenue Boutique Villas and Spa

Offre aussi une chambre comprendre des facilités de l’ hôtel 4 étoiles qui se situe à Jl Bumbak No. 22 Seminyak. Le prix est un peu élevé que les deux villas mentionnées. Cette villa ça coûtera Rp 311,303.00 / Nuit.

Ce sont des villas recommandées à louer pour économiser votre formule voyage à Bali. Vous êtes encore avoir besoin des listes d’ une villa Bali? Parcourez bien sur internet.

Remarkable Spots Diving Indonesia To Explore The Unexplored


Diving Indonesia Bali
Photo by Atlantis Bali Diving


If looking for the best diving spots, Indonesia is the place. You can find Indonesian spot diving in any corner, from Sabang to Marauke. Various spots are often used as a favorite place for divers, not only domestic divers but also from abroad. Each spot diving offers a different experience and is able to spoil the eyes of divers. Exploring the diving spots will not be endless, especially with the natural wealth of Indonesia that is surrounded by the ocean. 

Banda Island, Maluku – A Piece of Heaven In eastern Indonesia

Banda Island offers diving spots that will not run out of your life. There are about 25 diving spots with stunning underwater scenery and each has its own level of difficulty that can be a challenge for divers. Feel the thrill of diving among the volcanoes, you can experience on the island of Banda, or explore the spot with a perfect coral wall full of caves and habitat from a harbor fish.

Pulau Sangihe, Sumatra – Volcano Attraction

Diving on Sangihe Island requires expertise in diving, or at least you have a diving master certificate. Feel the dive around the volcano with temperatures reaching 37 – 38 degrees. Spot diving Indonesia this one has its own challenges because you must avoid air bubbles that come out of the rocks and do not touch the air bubbles because it can cause your hands to blister.

Bali & Nusa Penida – Heaven on Earth

Spot Diving Indonesia this one is no doubt its popularity. Even Bali is a top destination for divers of the world as it offers spectacular views and diving experiences. You can see some spot diving Indonesia Bali shipwreck of Japan or US Liberty which is from the remains of World War II. In Nusa Penida, you can see the beauty of the underwater biota that sees the fish Mola-Mola and Parimata.

Bunaken, Sulawesi – World’s Most Beautiful Marine Park

The beauty of Bunaken is able to make you stop breathing for a moment and realize how beautiful underwater charm spot diving Indonesia. You will be amazed while diving to a depth of 25 – 30 meters. Species that you can see such as bannerfish, surgeonfish, and unicornfish. At a depth of 23 meters, you will be taken to see the wreckage of a German merchant ship that sank in 1942 and is now home to fish.

Choosing An Appropriate Bean Bags for Kids


kids bean bags soo santai
Photo by Soo Santai


If children are going to be spending any extended period of time reading, sitting, working on an art project or just playing a game, it’s best that they don’t use a standard adult chair. Mostly, children are more likely to pay attention and more open to learning something new if they are comfortable with an age-appropriate chair which allows the kids to sit comfortably and fully support them. Kids deserve this too, especially after a long hard day at the play, they need to have a spot to relax and bean bags for kids is one of the perfect choices, it comes with more style than ever that combine attractiveness, durability, and safety — the cool new trends for kids and they’re more fun than any other type of chairs you know. We have created some tips to consider when choosing kids bean bag chairs.

  • Bean bag is available in a variety of sizes, material, and designs. Be sure to pick bean bags for kids that will be comfortable for kids to sit and relax. keep in mind the kids need an open space around and safe play.
  • Choose durable chairs that are made of a high-quality material to ensure safety and should be designed and built to make it last. Other conveniences to consider in this products are removable, a machine-washable outer covering makes easy cleanups, you want to pick kids bean bags that are easy to wipe clean from those inevitable messes, make sure the seams are solid sealed so the filling won’t escape.
  • Compare the prices at a different store or online shoots help determine the amount of money you may need to spend and keeping you within your budget. Make sure you find a bean bag store that offers good warranties, you will need it if after you purchased the item, you find there is something wrong with the product.
  • If you want to use the bean bags for kids of for outdoors then choose an outdoor bean bag or a pair that can be easily moved whether to put it outside nor inside your room.

Kids bean bag chairs are fun, colorful and functional to provide your child with a comfortable place to play, and relax. Great comfy chairs, easy to wash, bring and maintain for your lovable little ones. For more information on bean bag product, simply visit Soo Santai Store or check their website to stay up to date on great deals and promotions.

Why Is Bean Bag An Investment?

bean bag4
Photo by Soo Santai

Within a period of 1 year, how many times have you replaced your indoor or outdoor furniture? 2-3x? It’s a waste of time and budget! You can spend hours or even days to choose furniture that suits the design of the house, and you have to spend money on your savings to buy new furniture. Why waste money if you can get durable furniture for your home? If you are looking for quality furniture, durable, popular and trend of all time, the bean bag is the winner. Bean bag chairs can be said to be a small investment that brings a big change in your family’s comfort. Why an investment?

Choosing furniture allows you to be subjected to seduction sales in a furniture store that makes you spend thousands of dollars to equip your home. Without realizing it, children make mistakes and make damage to furniture that can no longer be repaired. When you visit a bean bag store, you may wonder why this kind of furniture can make a difference in your home.

King of Comforts

You just have to try to sit and feel the difference with the furniture that has been there in your home. Bean bag made using the best material and fit the ergonomic is very comfortable when used. They also recommended some bone physicians as a therapy for people who have disorders or disorders of the spine. Bean bag couch is a great choice and helps you relax and enjoy your favorite movies.

This luxurious bean bag is created with heat and rain resistant so you can freely move it wherever you need it. They are also very easy to clean, do not waste much time and spend a special budget. Enjoying a relaxing day by the pool with a glass of wine or ice lemon tea will be a very pleasant one! Bean bag is the right answer because he is present and brings a change of atmosphere and good for your health. Spending a week-end at home with family enjoying the bean bag comfort, this was a big change! It is obvious that they are a great investment for you and your family. It’s hard to leave the bean bag when you have it.

Buddy’s Rest Set Bean Bag Chairs, The Revolution of Convenience


Buddy's rest set bean bag chairs
Photo by Soo Santai


A color is always the main thing when choosing a product. Many people tend to choose products with a harmonious color especially when choosing furniture. Design a house or color into the main consideration in choosing the model and color furniture. Innovative products and comfort furniture resolutions that are currently popular are bean bag chairs. With trendy design and color choices are diverse, this one furniture product is able to attract the attention of consumers.

In fact, bean bag couch can be one of the popular furniture that is comfortable for the family. Buddy’s rest set is one of the products available in the bean bag store that can make you relax even you can rest your feet. Buddy’s rest set of luxury bean bag made using canvas material, measuring 100 x 85 x 75 x 40; Feet 35 x 60 x 35 and comes with 3 color choices.

Dark Purple Buddy’s Rest Set Bean Bag Chairs

Dark purple one of the blend colors that can be combined with other bright colors. Although in psychology, dark purple can evoke feelings of sadness, frustration, or a feeling of melancholy. The right color combination for dark purple will look interesting to place these bean bag chairs in your living room.

Orange Buddy’s Rest Set Bean Bag

Orange is the color that is appropriate to give the impression of a vibrant and a symbol of optimism, confidence and good at socializing. If you feel less excited or less optimistic, choosing bean bag chairs with orange color will really help you.

Sky Blue Buddy’s Rest Set Bean Bag Chairs

It is a color that can overcome anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and migraine. When you need a short break, sitting in a sky blue buddy’s rest bean bag is a wise solution. The blue color is highly recommended by psychologists because it is soothing and soothing. Blending blue color with bean bag color chairs orange can be a consideration for your family room more colorful.

Villa Bali For Your Incredible Holiday


Villa Bali3
Photo by Villa Bali Sale


Who does not want to enjoy the comfort, luxury, and the best facilities while on vacation?Many people are willing to spend money just to enjoy it all in 5-star hotels, but imagine how much budget you should prepare when planning for long vacations? Bali as a tourist destination has many 5 star hotels with amazing prices. Did you know that enjoying it all does not have to be in a 5-star hotel and pay a high price? Villa Bali with a wide range of facilities and luxuries present and offers for those of you who want to enjoy an incredible holiday.

The amenities and comfort of luxury villas Bali are no less compared to 5-star hotels. Many things are you can not get and miss it when you decide to stay in a 5-star hotel. Seminyak Villas is the right entrance for those of you who want to understand why a lot of Bali is said to be a paradise of the world. Spending holidays in Bali villas is a different and memorable experience compared to other tourist destinations. Bali’s exquisite beauty and exuberance is popular around the world, with beautiful beach options at all points, perfect for surfers and divers, a great place for retirees, as well as facilities that make travelers feel pampered during the holidays.

You do not have to worry while on vacation with family because Bali villas are available in various room options. The 1-2 bedroom is perfect for your small family, or 5 bedroom Bali villa can be the perfect choice for all your big family. What is Bali villa rental offer for those of you who want a memorable vacation?

Bali villa with private pool brings a different atmosphere especially when you bring your children or enjoy a romantic night by the pool by lighting a candle. Most of Villa Bali rentals offers daily service staff, easy to get transportation either motor or car with an affordable price so that you easy to reach tourist spots that can not be reached by foot or other facilities that make the tourists feel at home.Whichever area you choose, all Bali for rent villas will make you feel comfortable at home with the availability of personal assistants who are ready to service give you a memorable experience in Bali.