All About Scuba Diving in Bali


scuba diving in Bali
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Want to try different sensations in Bali? Scuba diving in Bali has become an icon and popular throughout the world. If you are planning a vacation to Bali, it would be nice if you do not miss this extreme sport. If you have never dived at all, you need to know what to prepare before arriving in Bali.

Browse the Internet and Search for a Trusted Diving Agent

If you surf the internet, many offers from dive operators with scuba diving Bali packages or even dive training packages to get a dive certification card. Starting from beginner level to training to become an instructor. If you just dive to enjoy the beauty of the underwater you can take advanced training with a diving depth of 30 meters.

But, it should be noted that many other underwater world outside scuba diving in Bali such as Alor, Bunaken, Raja Ampat and many more Indonesian diving spots that require you to have a certificate above advanced. Why? Unpredictable sea currents can endanger inexperienced divers. When you find one of the trusted divers agents like Atlantis Bali Diving, it’s good to ask everything clearly from picking up, delivering, how long the training is, where to spot, or the price of the dive training.

Diving 48 Hours Before and After Flight

Ever heard of decompression? This is a much feared disease and should be known to divers. What needs to be done is the diver must rise slowly to the surface because if you rise too fast and nitrogen detached from the network it will form a bubble in the body and cause decompression. Some symptoms of tingling decompression, fatigue, numbness, dizziness, headache, grief, unconsciousness, and the most severe is death. For that avoid dive for 48 hours before or after the flight.

Explore The Undersea of Bali

After doing the training you can directly practice it and dive. Ensure that all training is provided from theory to diving practice. Learn all that is given so there is not the slightest mistake while diving and something goes wrong. Explore the scuba diving spot in Bali, revealing all the underwater world that no other can do.


Amazing Spot To Do Scuba Diving in Bali and Meet The Mola-Mola


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Each diver has their favorite spots, such as in Bali where one of the popular and favorite spots is when you can see the fish of mola that is estimated to have a length of 3.5 meters with a weight of 1000 kg. You can imagine how when they are right in front of your eyes. This is your holiday experience in Bali that you will never forget. Some tourists usually come to Bali not just on holiday to enjoy the atmosphere but there is something they are looking for like surfing or diving. Scuba diving in Bali is becoming a world phenomenon because of the many spot diving with each of the different conditions and challenging to explore.

For divers, Bali offers an underwater paradise that is not owned elsewhere. No wonder the world’s divers do not get bored to visit various spots in Bali and even made the object of world photographer who captures under the sea of Bali with a touch of exciting and horrendous photographer world. Some diving spots in Bali are visited by many divers such as Menjangan Island, Nusa Dua, Tulamben, Sanur Beach, and Amed. Each has a unique and stunning underwater beauty.

Scuba diving in Sanur is suitable for beginner divers because of the calm sea water conditions and shallow distance. While for beginners the maximum depth is only 8 meters. If you are not satisfied, you can increase your diving skill level and can explore other diving spots in Bali such as Tulamben. Tulamben is a dive spot that has become the documentation of an American photographer who scandalized the dive world. And interestingly, Tulamben can be your choice to do pre-wedding photos.

Scuba diving Bali packages can be your consideration while on vacation in Bali. It provides many advantages for divers without having to bother to dive sites. Some scuba diving operators in Bali have made the right schedule so you can easily follow the dive training. If you are planning Bali scuba diving courses with an advanced level then you can visit the dive spots in Nusa Dua and enjoy the stunning ocean tourism paradise and see the mola-mola directly.

What Does Bali Scuba Diving Offer?


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There is much to talk about when discussing Bali scuba diving. Diving in Bali not only gives fun but also many other stories that keep it awake like the story of 4 Japanese tourists who recently lost in the waters of Bali for 3 days and had to fight when alive. It’s just a little story when the diver is facing a difficult time because of several factors such as the condition of the sea or the erratic ocean currents. Despite that, there are a lot of attraction that makes professional divers trying to explore every corner of the diving spots in Bali. In every corner of scuba Bali dive spot always stunning beauty.

Wreck, Wall and Rare Fish

Dive sites Bali offers an unforgettable underwater experience for life. Observe and examine shipwreck, the rest of World War II relics in Tulamben and Amed who have their own story. Uniquely shipwrecked under the waters of Bali become very phenomenal when a world photographer makes underwater photos are very amazing. This is the main attraction for tourists to do Bali scuba diving and watch the shipwreck close.

One more thing you can not afford to offer when you are doing dive trips Bali is to see the mola-mola that have a big and creepy look but they do not attack. These fish are nicknamed sunfish because of their habit of sunbathing and can not live with temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius.

Bali Scuba Diving, The Perfect Choice To Dive

Scuba diving in Bali offers many interesting sites to explore, the best place to look for scuba diving course. You can do training from beginner, dive internship Bali, up to Master internship with professional and experienced divers guides. Diving with a depth of more than 30 meters provides the perfect sea views and the perfect destination for those who want to do Bali diving holiday. Make the most of taking PADI certification to explore deeper and discover the unimaginable beauty. Make sure you get Bali diving packages especially this will be very profitable for beginners, get certification and diving experience in Bali.