How To Explore Dive Sites Bali In in 5 Days?


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When holidays are short and want to enjoy diving activities in several destinations such as Bali, Philippine, Thailand, and others is it possible that each area can be explored in a few days? Let’s just say you are in Bali so the preparation you have to do to explore every dive sites Bali is looking for information where the best diving location with the stunning and breathtaking scenery.

Planning or itinerary during the holidays is the right step so that our holiday trips are not in vain especially when a short vacation. Please note that the best time to enjoy a holiday in Bali is in July – October.

Some dive sites that you can visit such as, Sanur beach, Amed, Tulamben, Pemuteran, Menjangan Island, and Nusa Penida. To reach the island Menjangan at least you have to stay because of the distance that must be taken from the area Kuta to hold for 4 hours. To reach Amed the journey that must be taken from the Kuta or Seminyak area is approximately 3 hours. While to reach Nusa Penida can be reached by 1 hour.

Travel time to dive sites in Bali is important because from there you can arrange the itinerary. Then look for transportation that can be used to reach the dive. What is the cost that needs to be in budget n for transportation during vacation? Motorbike and car are the transportation you can use, but it is not possible if you go to dive

To save time and budget, diving packages can also be considered because they will arrange all your itinerary in the following package. You do not have to worry about transport or get lost while looking for dive sites. To be able to enjoy the dive sites Bali in 5 days then the example of an itinerary that we can make for example like this.

If you arrive in Bali during the day, then you can enjoy lunch at Jalan Tuban enjoying the popular local cushion like Betutu or suckling pig in the sunset road area. If you are on vacation in the early March – July, then you should be ready to enjoy the sun.

After lunch, you can enjoy desserts close to sunset road that is in Mertanadi road area. You can find gusto gelato, paletas wey and other In the afternoon you can enjoy the sunset around the beach double six.

Day 2 until day 5 you can customize itinerary with the dive package you choose. It’s a wise and precise way, where you can enjoy local cuisine, explore the best dive sites, safe and cost-effective.

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Perfect Dive Sites Bali For Beginner

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Diving is no longer as a foreign activity even now become a trend because of the many tv shows that travel and dive programs dive in various spots of the world. Bali is one of the interesting spots that did not escape the cameraman shooting. The best diving spots in Bali have fascinated the eyes of the world with its entry as one of the world’s best diving spots.

Starting from north Bali to southern Bali offers many exciting spots to explore, ranging from beaches, mountains, surfing spots, diving spots to local spices rich in spices. Not strange if many tourists both local and foreign tourists who always return during the holiday season because at least to explore some interesting places in Bali takes 5 days.

Dive sites Bali is no longer foreign to domestic and foreign divers. Some spots for beginners or professionals provide stunning and breathtaking underwater scenery. One of them in Nusa Penida, where you can fish manta at a depth of 7-20 meters, precisely in the manta point. To see the wreck of USAT Liberty ship you can visit Tulamben.

Each of dive sites Bali offers a different sensation and makes many people curious. In fact, the world’s photographer captures the underwater Bali and the results are amazing, like seeing a painting. Perhaps someone else who did not know that it was under the sea of Bali would actually think that it was a painting.

The charm of Bali never faded because many places you can explore. To reach the diving spot, you can use a rental car or look for dive packages so do not have to bother looking for its location. All dive providers will be provided and guided by experienced professional dive instructors. Obviously, they have known the dive sites well enough to know where the diving spots are for beginners or professionals.

Sanur is one of the dive sites Bali which is quite popular for beginners. The sea currents in Sanur tend to be calm and visibility while diving is very clear that it is suitable for beginners. Underwater flow affects the ability of one’s dive. But you need to read well when the right time to dive in Bali because the weather and underwater currents in Bali can change anytime.


The Perfect Dive Sites To Enjoy The Underwater


dive masterinternship
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Indonesia is a paradise for divers with thousands of new species, unique, coral and various other fish species that can not be found in other countries. Each diving spot in Indonesia has different temperatures and sea conditions and this is a challenge for divers, especially professional divers. Bali is one of the archipelago in Indonesia that offers many best dive sites Bali. Diving with a depth of 30 meters you will find a stunning underwater world and it is impossible to forget it. Indonesia has a rich natural potential with a choice of tourist destinations that make it easier for tourists to choose or even visit all tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Many dive sites in Bali for beginner divers, advanced or professional with different conditions so it takes expertise in diving to a certain depth. Finding dive sites attracts and challenges many professional divers. They know exactly the risks they must face when diving in a new place so there needs to be a guide who knows the location of the dive well. Some perfect spots in Indonesia with amazing scenery among them.

Tulamben and Nusa Penida, Bali

Tulamben and Nusa Penida are two popular and popular dive sites Bali and even in the world that have many advantages over other sports diving. In Nusa Penida, you can see the mola-mola and pari mata which is the attraction for divers to see the type of fish that has a length of 2.8 meters.

Komodo Island

The island of Komodo is set to become a national park since 1980 and UNESCO heritage since 1991. The best dive sites location on Komodo Island is between the red beaches, the pebbles, the big decree and the manta point. Some other species that you can see are barracudas, turtles, reef sharks and others.

Lembeh Strait, North Sumatra

Lembeh Strait has 88 diving points with underwater beauty that need attention. Probably for less-exploring divers and looking for spot diving, they are less aware of the underwater conditions of the Lembah Strait, but for those who explore all spot dives in Indonesia, this is a hidden underwater paradise.

What Does Bali Scuba Diving Offer?


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There is much to talk about when discussing Bali scuba diving. Diving in Bali not only gives fun but also many other stories that keep it awake like the story of 4 Japanese tourists who recently lost in the waters of Bali for 3 days and had to fight when alive. It’s just a little story when the diver is facing a difficult time because of several factors such as the condition of the sea or the erratic ocean currents. Despite that, there are a lot of attraction that makes professional divers trying to explore every corner of the diving spots in Bali. In every corner of scuba Bali dive spot always stunning beauty.

Wreck, Wall and Rare Fish

Dive sites Bali offers an unforgettable underwater experience for life. Observe and examine shipwreck, the rest of World War II relics in Tulamben and Amed who have their own story. Uniquely shipwrecked under the waters of Bali become very phenomenal when a world photographer makes underwater photos are very amazing. This is the main attraction for tourists to do Bali scuba diving and watch the shipwreck close.

One more thing you can not afford to offer when you are doing dive trips Bali is to see the mola-mola that have a big and creepy look but they do not attack. These fish are nicknamed sunfish because of their habit of sunbathing and can not live with temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius.

Bali Scuba Diving, The Perfect Choice To Dive

Scuba diving in Bali offers many interesting sites to explore, the best place to look for scuba diving course. You can do training from beginner, dive internship Bali, up to Master internship with professional and experienced divers guides. Diving with a depth of more than 30 meters provides the perfect sea views and the perfect destination for those who want to do Bali diving holiday. Make the most of taking PADI certification to explore deeper and discover the unimaginable beauty. Make sure you get Bali diving packages especially this will be very profitable for beginners, get certification and diving experience in Bali.