Big Mama Straps Bean Bag Chairs For All Ages


bean bag chairs
Photo by Soo Santai


Tired looking for a trendy, comfortable and healthy sofa with affordable price? Affordable that how> Affordable equivalent to the quality of the sofa itself and fit placed in every corner of the house. Have you ever heard of a sofa without a frame? Most people may not realize how comfortable a sofa is without a frame when looking at it at a glance.

When calling bean bag chairs whether you ever asked the origin of this type of sofa made so that it becomes trendy in the market with the size and color vary. The main question is are they on the redesign?

This type of sofa was originally designed in the 1960s by Italian designers and is currently mass produced with some improvisations that follow the development of the times and needs of its users.

Big mama straps are one type of sofa without a comfortable frame and light objects that can provide comfort. Designed to be formed in multiple styles using the straps so you can specify the style you are going to use. They are designed with several attractive color options such as brown, lime, orange, pink, silver, radiant orchid, and turquoise.

Bean bag chairs are expensive and can be found on the market with ease. You can save hundreds of dollars when deciding to buy this type of sofa compared to buying a traditional sofa. Designs that can be tailored to suit your needs, suitable for all ages, from children, adult to parents.

You buy a sofa for a bargain price but you get the perfect comfort and luxury so you will not regret buying bean bag chairs. This is the best type of sofa that you will meet for indoor or outdoor. Designing a house and perfecting it with a couch without frames is best. Your family comfort is how you choose and buy furniture that is not only expensive but comfortable. Bean bag chairs are a perfect and perfect choice if you want to save budget and get the best sofa in its class. They are like old friends that you hardly let go after a meeting.


Perfect Dive Sites Worldwide To Explore


dive sites
Photo by Atlantis Bali Diving


Did you know that the world’s diving spots offer sublime underwater charm with varied underwater challenges? For divers professionals, the more difficult the underwater terrain will be explored the more challenging it will be for them. Some spots can also be for beginner divers with a depth of 8-30 meters, like some dive spots in Bali. Possible if you will be diving zero interest be increased or may become addictive.

USAT Liberty Ship Wreck Mysteries of WWII

Dive sites Bali offers different charms and beauty, unique and mysterious to the eggs. The wreck of USAT Liberty ship that sank in 1916 due to Japanese torpedo attack, became the main destination of domestic and foreign divers located in Tulamben.

Not only do you witness the wrecks that have been home to underwater species and coral reefs, but also enjoy the beauty and splendor of Mount Agung. In 1963 the shipwreck was shifted to the middle of the beach due to the eruption of Mount Agung.

The Gorgeous Cenotes in Mexico

The Yucatan peninsula is one of the areas that have been found 7000 cenotes. This secret cave is formed when limestone caves enter and leave a hole in the earth that leads to a turquoise puddle and looks very beautiful. Dos Ojos is one of the best cenotes with a depth of 350feet with 2 places of interest ie Blue Eye and Black Eye.

Cat Island, Bahama – Diving with extreme challenges

Cat Island, the Bahamas is one spot dive sites with calm waters and untouched become an attraction for divers. The world’s ordinary divers are visiting the island to see from with the cowboy shark, which is where the cat island is home to sharks. Tiger sharks, reef sharks, lemon sharks or nurse sharks can be found on the island cat.

Underwater Volcanos, Challenge your adrenaline

Dive sites Indonesia always attract the attention of divers from all over the world. The underwater volcanic scenery in Indonesia provides a challenge for you diving professionals with sea water temperature ranging from 37 to 28 degrees Celsius. The rocks that emit bubbles around the undersea volcano will be very dangerous if touched because it can make your hands blister. Mahengetang Island in the Sangihe archipelago is one of the most extreme adventures you can take in any of Indonesia’s diving spots.

Exploring Amazing Scuba Dive Sites Bali


Dive Sites Bali
Photo by Atlantis Bali Diving


Bali has many dive sites with beauty, species diversity and level of difficulty. The arrival of foreign tourists or domestic tourists, whether just want a vacation, surfing or diving the higher and Bali is also known even entered in the top 10 tourist attractions that must be visited.

It should be noted that not all diving spots in Bali can be explored if you do not have a dive certificate. For that, it is better if you take the training program first, know well how the safe and safe diving procedures, and the use of the right diving tools. Most beginners ignore some important things during training so it is possible to crash while diving due to early dive syndrome.

Before you go on holiday in Bali, it’s good if you look for information as much as possible, where the best dive for you who have a diving certificate or for beginners. Finding the best and trusted dive operators is the right way and time saver considering using public transportation in Bali is not the right choice. If you want to explore Bali’s dive sites yourself, you should be ready to rent a car with driver, as well as prepare all necessary information.

As a guide, you can use Dune Atlantis as one of the trusted and reliable diving operators. Some dive packages with or without training are prepared for you, tailoring your needs. Starting from the entry level package to the master dive is available for local or foreign tourists.

Some popular dive sites in Bali are favorites for local and foreign divers such as Tulamben, Menjangan Island, Nusa Penida, Gili, Amed and Pemuteran. You can see the mystery of the coral wreck of USAT Liberty and the Japanese shipwreck that is currently home to underwater species.

Dive Sites Bali offers a stunning and stunning underwater treasure with a range of coral and rare types of underwater species such as Mola-mola, Pari Manta, and more. Each diving spot in Bali has its own level of difficulty so you need to use a reliable and professional dive guide or dive operator for dive safety.

Smart Boy Bean Bag Relaxation For All Ages


Bean Bag
Photo by Soo Santai


When you are looking for a comfortable sofa, relax, trendy and suitable for various events, then there is only 1 that can fulfill everything that is bean bag. The larger the size you buy the more comfortable it will be. There is no better feeling when you feel comfortable and relaxed. Even they are suitable for everyday use and can help relieve stress after work.

Many of those who do not know the benefits of this type of sofa assume that they are sold too expensive. But if you have tried to use it, it will know the difference between a bean bag and traditional chair that you have today. But not all sofas without this framework is comfortable, it all depends on the material and type of stuffing that is used.

Bean bags are not only loved by adults but also children. You can search in the market of the sofa without a frame for children with models, sizes and colors are diverse. What are the benefits of a couch without frames for children>? Children can easily move them wherever they want without any help from adults because the bean bag is light.

If you have a backache, then a sofa without a frame is the right one for you whose function is to ease the pain. They are designed to be able to adjust to body shape so it will be very comfortable to watch tv and relax while at home.

Soo Santai is one of Bali’s online store, with delivery service to all over the world and free shipping if you are located in southeast Asia. A smart boy is one of the products offered that frees you to sit in various positions. Smart boy bean bag is offered with 7 color choices like red, blue, light lime, pink, purple, silver, and turquoise. Some other branches in France, Australia, Philippine, Singapore, Europe, and Thailand can make it easier for you to get a sofa without frames.

A beanbag is produced with high-quality materials and stuffing to provide comfort for you and your family, especially for children with special needs such as autistic. Given the many scams on the market, make sure that the couch without the framework you get is high quality and fits your budget.


Private Bali Villas For Unique Experience


Bali Villas
Photo by Villa Bali Sale


Bali has proven itself as a popular international tourist destination, a favorite and a pity to miss. You will not be satisfied just by vacationing in a short time because of activities you do and tourist attractions are cruising. Starting from the shrine of Hindu religion, a row of stunning beaches, sprawling green rice fields that became UNESCO heritage, that is called Subak. No wonder if many popping up Bali villas to accompany her high demand for accommodation rentals for villas especially foreign tourists.

If you have visited Bali several times, then you will know ahead of time where you will be looking for accommodation. Each area in Bali provides uniqueness, fun, and comfort in itself. If you love exploring the pubs and nightlife, then you can search Bali villas for rent along Kuta and Legian. At nightfall, you can explore the row of pubs and restaurants that serve a variety of satisfying dishes for your dinner.

Exploring the Legian or Kuta area gives its own pleasure, especially for those of you who like the night world. But for you lovers of tranquility, there are many choices of areas and Bali villas offered for your accommodation while in Bali. Ubud, Sanur, and Nusa Dua area can be the right choice for you looking for villas and exploring the area.

In Ubud, you can explore the beauty of irrigated rice fields using the traditional system, rent a bicycle and tour the Ubud area and the atmosphere is very Bali. In Sanur, you can enjoy the silence and atmosphere of Bali that is felt. Mixing with local residents can be unique and favored by foreign tourists.

Bali Villa in Nusa Dua is another option that can be your consideration to enjoy the peace and unforgettable holiday. Nusa Dua is a popular area with 5-star hotels with luxurious facilities and expensive prices. Each hotel is usually beachfront and it becomes popular among foreign tourists, but no worries because they allowed everyone to visit the beach through other pathways.

When Bali is your choice for a holiday then finding accommodation and information about each area in Bali is a must so you can calmly enjoy the holiday without worrying and worry where you will go every day. Staying in Bali villas, mixed with the locals, enjoying the sunset, sunrise provides a unique experience that you will never forget.

Guides To Choose Perfect Location Villa Bali


Villa Bali
Photo by Villa Bali Sale


Villa Bali is always the main choice of accommodation for most tourists who want to vacation in Bali for a long time and most of them are foreign tourists either from Australia, Japan, Korea, or Europe. Enjoy the warmth of the sun surrounded by beaches that are ready to pamper you in Bali. Each area in Bali offers its own advantages and it is difficult for tourists not to explore every area of Bali.

Why rent a villa in Bali is much more comfortable than staying in a hotel? Why is location villa Bali so important before enjoying the holidays? There are many lists of villa rental deals that can provide satisfaction when you stay, ranging from facilities to the services of villa managers. What to note advantages rent villas in Bali:

  1. Affordable price
  2. More privacy
  3. Swimming pool
  4. Close to locals
  5. Balinese nuances
  6. Large Kitchen
  7. Spacious living room

How to find the perfect villa location for your comfort and family while on vacation? Does the location of the villa determine the comfort of your vacation? Finding the location of tourist attractions and activities in Bali you must do before arriving in Bali. Starting from any tourist attractions close to the villa, where the best attractions for children, and others. These are some guidelines you can use before choosing a Bali villa.


Who does not know Kuta? An area for those of you who want to enjoy the nightlife, go from one bar to another or look closely at the ground zero monument built to commemorate and honor the victims of Bali Bombing 1.


  • nightclub
  • nightlife
  • surf brand shopping
  • Near from Kuta Beach


  • crow death
  • traffic
  • loud
  • Pollution

Nusa Dua

They call Nusa Dua is the elite area in Bali because many luxury star hotel that was built in Nusa Dua with the best facilities and services for those of you who are willing to spend more budget for accommodation. For those of you who really want to rest in Nusa Dua area, this is the right location to rest.


  • Quiet
  • Comfortable

A glimpse of information and guidance on how to choose Bali villas to suit your needs while on vacation. Not all villas with luxury facilities are offered at an expensive price, as long as you can be careful and patiently search through the internet, there will be many villas with complete and luxurious facilities at affordable prices.

Lazy Bro Outdoor Bean Bags, For Perfect Relaxation


Outdoor Bean Bags
Photo by Soo Santai


Outdoor bean bags are not like chairs in general and are very popular. When you search the internet then many types, colors, and sizes are offered an online store with varying prices. Sofa without this framework can be said outdoor furniture is also as a cheap decor compared with other outdoor products.

What are the advantages of outdoor bean bags compared to other traditional products? As the name implies then this casual sofa without a frame is made of a material that is waterproof or resistant to hot weather so you do not have to worry when placing it outside the room.

The material used for this product is of course quality and waterproof as well as heat, ie Polyester. The more advantageous is, you can use the sofa without this frame and use it in different ways according to your needs.

Lazy bro outdoor bean bag is one of the products offered by Soo Santai online shop based in Bali that can deliver the products you want anywhere, anytime and anywhere without shipping, especially for West Asia and Australia. Lazy bro is offered to you with 6 attractive and trendy colors like silver, pink, orange, lime.

If you have visited Bali then you will see a cafe along the double six beach, which uses outdoor bean bags tourists who want to visit Bali, where you can try using a sofa without a frame before buying it. For those of you who want to relax in the pool at your home, Lazy bro or other bean bags outdoor products is perfect for relaxation.

The perfection of your relaxing day in the sitting room, by the pool or in the garden is an important moment to restore a tired mind because it is busy working or just to spend your weekend without any hassles. Outdoor bean bags are right for you and your family at a more affordable, multifunctional price than your old sofa. When comfortable furniture and can make relaxation can be obtained at an affordable price this is a perfect combination.