Plongée Bali: Une Activité Splendide pendant le Voyage à Bali

Bali est si connu comme une destination favorable pour les touristes surtout pour ceux qui plaisent loisir les temps en Indonésie. Les belles plages accueillent les touristes mondiaux ainsi que les touristes nationaux. Grâce à la beauté de ressources naturelles Bali sait attirer nombreux de touristes en plaisir. Plongée Bali est une activité formidable obligatoirement de le faire, le monde sous-marin de Bali est mérité d’explorer, en particulière le centre de plongée à Bali est apparu dans chaque régions comme Nusa Penida, Amed, Gili, Menjangan, Tulamben, etc. Plongée Sous-Marine Bali est régulièrement fait par le plongeur de tous les niveaux même vous êtes débutant, le cours de plongée est prêt de vous enseigner et de vous transformer à un professionnel.

Nombreux de plongeur à Bali est content de s’en faire car les animaux de vie sous-marine Bali est tellement éclatante, c’est la raison pour laquelle Bali est mentionné comme un paradis pour le monde sous-marin. L’accès de faire la plongée à Bali est parfaitement aisé d’organiser, vous pouvez le faire en vous-même ou vous demandez aux agences de voyages ou plongées pour réserver. En plus, faire et voyager à Bali est envahi par des personnes gentillesses et diverses puisque Bali est l’une de province en Indonésie qui planifie de régulation l’hindouisme ainsi que les lois de gouvernement local existe.

Puisque Bali est une destination mondiale dont les touristes y arrivent dans de chaque pays au monde, Bali est un peu différent avec les autres provinces en Indonésie surtout pour appliquer des régulations de tourisme. Plongée à Bali est aussi si différent avec lequel de chaque centre de plongée au monde, puisque le temple sacre que les Balinais croient pourrait être vu au-dessous de la mer de Bali. Aussitôt que vous avez besoin de l’aide pour trouver l’agence de plongée crédible, vous pouvez demander à Dune Atlantis Bali, celui qui est parfaitement professionnel !.


How To Explore Dive Sites Bali In in 5 Days?


dive sites bali
Photo by Dune Atlantis


When holidays are short and want to enjoy diving activities in several destinations such as Bali, Philippine, Thailand, and others is it possible that each area can be explored in a few days? Let’s just say you are in Bali so the preparation you have to do to explore every dive sites Bali is looking for information where the best diving location with the stunning and breathtaking scenery.

Planning or itinerary during the holidays is the right step so that our holiday trips are not in vain especially when a short vacation. Please note that the best time to enjoy a holiday in Bali is in July – October.

Some dive sites that you can visit such as, Sanur beach, Amed, Tulamben, Pemuteran, Menjangan Island, and Nusa Penida. To reach the island Menjangan at least you have to stay because of the distance that must be taken from the area Kuta to hold for 4 hours. To reach Amed the journey that must be taken from the Kuta or Seminyak area is approximately 3 hours. While to reach Nusa Penida can be reached by 1 hour.

Travel time to dive sites in Bali is important because from there you can arrange the itinerary. Then look for transportation that can be used to reach the dive. What is the cost that needs to be in budget n for transportation during vacation? Motorbike and car are the transportation you can use, but it is not possible if you go to dive

To save time and budget, diving packages can also be considered because they will arrange all your itinerary in the following package. You do not have to worry about transport or get lost while looking for dive sites. To be able to enjoy the dive sites Bali in 5 days then the example of an itinerary that we can make for example like this.

If you arrive in Bali during the day, then you can enjoy lunch at Jalan Tuban enjoying the popular local cushion like Betutu or suckling pig in the sunset road area. If you are on vacation in the early March – July, then you should be ready to enjoy the sun.

After lunch, you can enjoy desserts close to sunset road that is in Mertanadi road area. You can find gusto gelato, paletas wey and other In the afternoon you can enjoy the sunset around the beach double six.

Day 2 until day 5 you can customize itinerary with the dive package you choose. It’s a wise and precise way, where you can enjoy local cuisine, explore the best dive sites, safe and cost-effective.

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Why Packages Diving Bali Is The Best Option To Cut Budget?


packages diving bali
Photo by Atlantis Bali Diving


If you ask where the world’s best dive is then the question you asked is wrong. The question you should ask is where the dive sites with the amazing scenery and pamper the eyes? If you ask diving spots, then you know the consequences of having many budgets to explore every diving spot. Diving does cost a lot because you have to prepare everything well for airline tickets, hotels, transportation, diving equipment, wetsuits, boat rentals, and more.

If you are lovers of diving activities then no matter what costs you should spend will not be a problem. But if you only have a pas-pas budget, is it still possible to have fun and enjoy the amazing underwater world? Keep in mind that to reach all dive spots requires a lot of costs. What is the best dive solution on a low budget?

Choose A Stunning Spot

Spot diving in Asia offers a lot of stunning underwater charm and not even a few rare species found accidentally during dives. Bali is one of the world’s most popular diving spots that recently attracted many professional divers. The underwater beauty of Bali is undoubtedly and many other activities you can do after diving

How to reach the diving spot in Bali? How to find transportation to dive spots? Why bother? As the popularity of Bali as one of the best spots to dive, so many emerging packages diving Bali that provide many conveniences for local or international divers.

Bali scuba diving packages services usually include pick up to and from the hotel to dive spot, availability of diving equipment, lunch, boat and more. Determine professional and experienced diving operators who will be able to provide security during the dive sessions.

Buy Ticket Promo Airlines

This is important because the flight cost is not as cheap as you would expect especially when you are diving during high season. It is best to plan by searching for and comparing plane promo prices. Some flight to Bali such as Air Asia, Garuda Indonesia, can be the best choice with comfortable facilities, best and safe during flight.

Choose A Comfort Accommodation

Health is important when you are traveling especially if you are going to dive. You must be fit and healthy before diving because this is important for your safety. For that, it is a must for you to find comfortable accommodation while in Bali. 3-5 star hotels are available for you at various prices, if you want privacy, then you can look for small villas for 2-3 people close to the local atmosphere of Bali.

Diving is fun, but preparation and planning before arriving at the destination. Saving your budget is possible when you are going for a walk, explore under the sea of Bali and packages diving Bali be the best choice for those of you who want to dive and cut the budget.

Feel The Different Sensation At Night In Best Bars Seminyak


best bars Seminyak
Photo by Sea Vu Play


Bali is not only rich in culture and customs but also flooded with tourist destinations ranging from beaches, mountains, water sports, culinary, to the evening tour. a few days vacation in Bali certainly not all places you can visit. If during the morning until late afternoon various tourist attractions are visited with the family, late in the evening you are looking for a little different side of the nightlife in Bali.

Vacationing in Bali need not be afraid of being bored because there is a lot of entertainment that brings you holiday enjoyment and even many tourists who return visit every holiday arrives. There are many best bars in Seminyak that offer a complete entertainment package for dinner, snack bartender blend that is reliable and professional.

Seminyak bars offer so many comforts and luxuries for local and foreign tourists who want to travel night. Starting from indoor or outdoor bars, up to beachfront bars in Seminyak. The menu options offered in each bar are also varied so for you culinary lovers and enthusiasts of night tours then you will be satisfied vacationing in Bali.

Best bars Seminyak are popping up to fulfill your nightlife satisfaction. Not only bars but also many rows of cafes for you just sit enjoying the night in Bali or want to taste the bartender Balinese concoction drink. Many nightlife recommendations in Seminyak and one of them is sea vu play which serves lots of light snacks or heavy meals, a variety of drinks and a cozy hangout.

Sea vu play can be said to be one of the best bars of Seminyak that gives you the fun of your evenings all day, and during weekends you can enjoy music from professional Dj or you can watch football games with friends or colleagues. This is a comfortable and relaxing place for those of you who want to spend the weekend or who want to try to enjoy Bali night tour.

Bali does not distinguish your gender to enjoy the sensation of the night in various bars, cages or other hangouts. You are free to come and enjoy the food, the drink you want. It is not hard to find the best bars of Seminyak because the best will always be the conversation of good people locals or foreign tourists.

Where To Enjoy Cozy Bar and Restaurants in Seminyak?


restaurants in seminyak
Photo by Sea Vu Play


Seminyak is one of the most crowded areas of traffic filled with local and foreign tourists who are passing by on the beach, enjoying restaurants in Seminyak or just relaxing by visiting the bar in the evenings.

Restaurant Seminyak Bali with international standard indoor or outdoor with a comfortable and relaxing place to be one tourist destination to enjoy lunch or dinner. Rows of restaurants that serve food from various countries ranging from Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Chinese, Korean, or India are ready to welcome and pamper your tongue.

Uniquely, each restaurant displays a different atmosphere such as the inspiration to bring the islands and beach destination in the open space so you can feel enjoying dinner on the beach. If you are bored and want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night, you can enjoy live music, Dj’s on board every weekend while enjoying drinks both alcoholic or non-alcoholic by visiting best restaurant in Seminyak.

Most restaurants in Seminyak also make it easy to order drinks or just sit enjoying the atmosphere by offering bar area. Most of the foreigners who live and work in Bali enjoy the night atmosphere in some Seminyak bars, to release weariness and gather with other foreign workers. Some of the recommendations of cozy and comfortable restaurants Seminyak are sea vu play located in Petitenget area, Samaya, taco restaurant, and many others.

The area of Seminyak never dies either day, afternoon or evening because there is always activity in the bars or restaurants in Seminyak that give pleasure to you. Explore the food and beverages of various countries from professional chefs especially to culinary connoisseurs, this is an impressive experience in itself.

The point is that they do not just offer food, drink, luxury meals, but what you buy is the atmosphere of the Seminyak area that is different from other areas in Bali. Your warranty will return to revisit this area as well as explore and visit the various best bars of Seminyak whenever you want. Whenever you want to enjoy the best atmosphere in Seminyak!

Perfect Dive Sites Bali For Beginner

Photo by Atlantis Bali Diving


Diving is no longer as a foreign activity even now become a trend because of the many tv shows that travel and dive programs dive in various spots of the world. Bali is one of the interesting spots that did not escape the cameraman shooting. The best diving spots in Bali have fascinated the eyes of the world with its entry as one of the world’s best diving spots.

Starting from north Bali to southern Bali offers many exciting spots to explore, ranging from beaches, mountains, surfing spots, diving spots to local spices rich in spices. Not strange if many tourists both local and foreign tourists who always return during the holiday season because at least to explore some interesting places in Bali takes 5 days.

Dive sites Bali is no longer foreign to domestic and foreign divers. Some spots for beginners or professionals provide stunning and breathtaking underwater scenery. One of them in Nusa Penida, where you can fish manta at a depth of 7-20 meters, precisely in the manta point. To see the wreck of USAT Liberty ship you can visit Tulamben.

Each of dive sites Bali offers a different sensation and makes many people curious. In fact, the world’s photographer captures the underwater Bali and the results are amazing, like seeing a painting. Perhaps someone else who did not know that it was under the sea of Bali would actually think that it was a painting.

The charm of Bali never faded because many places you can explore. To reach the diving spot, you can use a rental car or look for dive packages so do not have to bother looking for its location. All dive providers will be provided and guided by experienced professional dive instructors. Obviously, they have known the dive sites well enough to know where the diving spots are for beginners or professionals.

Sanur is one of the dive sites Bali which is quite popular for beginners. The sea currents in Sanur tend to be calm and visibility while diving is very clear that it is suitable for beginners. Underwater flow affects the ability of one’s dive. But you need to read well when the right time to dive in Bali because the weather and underwater currents in Bali can change anytime.


Les Guides Francophones Vous Emmènent au Paradis, trouvé à Bali en Indonésie

Les vacances doivent être un moyen de réduire le stress et de surmonter la fatigue après avoir passé la journée au travail, à l’école ou au collège. Puisque non seulement les smartphones qui sont obligés de charger, ainsi que votre corps et votre mental doivent également être réapprovisionnés, puis les vacances seraient bons choix, surtout si vous aviez décidé au paravant de visiter Bali qui montre diverses attractions et offre l’expérience de vacances mémorables, vous avez la bonne sélection.

Avant de partir à Bali, il y a quelques suggestions qui vous aideront à passer votre séjour à Bali, telles que l’hébergement, le billet d’avion aller-retour, le transport pour se déplacer, et le guide (plus important pour ceux qui viendront premier fois à Bali). Le guide vous assiste même expliquer toute question ce qui appartient dans votre tête. Les Guides Francophones à Bali vous facilitera vos besoins pendant votre séjour à Bali, cela veut dire ils viennent à vous aider pour que vous puissiez trouver les bonnes directions et les expériences inoubliables à Bali.

ils vous proposeront des bonnes équipes avec lesquelles vous ferez les aventures frappantes, ils vous invitent à la fréquentation magnifique, comme goûter les cuisines traditionnelles en entrant aux restaurants typiques, la randonnée, les visites au musée de l’art ou les autres musées qui signifient la diversité de culture et la hétérogénéité de Balinais ou bien tous les activités sportives et nautiques préférées.

Les Guides Francophones est l’un de service utile et intéressant organisé bien par Bali Passion, celui qui propose les autres services comme l’hébergement, la visite, les activités éclatants, voire tous les endroits favoris ont été recommandés par Bali Passion. Bali Passion est une agence de voyage qui soutient les touristes à passer leurs vacances raffinées, c’est la raison pour laquelle Bali Passion lance un programme fantastique comme les guides Francophones afin que vous soyez emmené à explorer le paradis, appelé Bali.